Hello world!

Hello World!

That’s the first program any programmer worth his salt learns to write.

Mine was done in 1982. By faithfully following step by step the instructions in the British Programming Magazines on my first computer the ZX81 

If you are interested in what it was like during those days here is a really detailed article on what it was like back in the day ……

I often look back with fondness of that time, not realizing at the time we were all at the cutting edge of the craft at the time

Yes Coding is a Craft, one that we….practice and hone every day.

SacoderZ is a company I created as a portal to create software. It will showcase things i’ve learned and a discuss a lot of the cutting edge software today. In this fast paced industry unless you are on the cutting edge you are moving rapidly in the direction of obsolete.

The purpose of this blog thought is to document my journey from being a want to be games developer until i am making a living at doing it.

I have many personal goals in my life but one i’ve had the longest is to make a living designing games.

There are many other things we will talk about, but this particular blog will deal mainly in the games industry.

The main goal is that i have 365 days from today to have my own game studio up and running making an income from gaming.

We will share a lot in the days to come but that’s it for today. Check back every day for daily blog count downs and progress.


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